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101 Ready To Use Excel Macros E-Book

101 Ready To Use Excel Macros E-Book

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Advance your Macros & VBA skills so that you can reduce repetition, stress, and overtime...and exponentially increase your chances of a promotion, pay raise or a new job!

     Access 101 Ready To Use Macros with VBA Code which your can Copy & Paste to your Workbook straight away & SAVE HOURS
    Easy to Read Step by Step Guide with Color Screenshots
    Downloadable Practice Workbooks with VBA Code included
    Interactive & Searchable PDF E-Book to find any Macro with ease
     You get the following Macros: Chart, Formulas, Highlighting, Pivot Table, Printing, Workbook, Worksheet, PDF, Email & Advanced Macros!


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 29 reviews
        Dan Dalal (Cupertino, US)
        Good screenshots and instructions!

        As a technical writer, I understand the importance of clear screenshots, and this book is full of helpful and easy-to-understand ones! The steps and instructions are clear and easy to follow. This is a good, clear guide for writing macros in Excel.

        Steve Spudich (Washington, US)
        Very nice

        I use excel to make my job easier and keep track of projects we worked on. When we have a slow period, that's when I start playing around with excel. I wrote a small program to do our wire labels for us. Lately, when I have the time, I have been working on a program to expedite our part ordering procedure. I have never had any formal training on coding and I have found your book to be very helpful at times when I am at a loss. Thank you for a very insightful book and also your myexcelonline site.

        Thomas Rogers (Johannesburg, ZA)
        Happ Chappie

        I only briefly looked through the book and it looks great. I am sure I will be able to use several of the VBA macros in the future, especially when I explain what VBA is and how you can use it to my students.

        Joanie Wright (McKinney, US)

        myexcelonline has been a reliable source for many years. I am very excited to use the 101 Ready To Use Excel Macros. I have experienced that this source is very reliable

        Aakhil Hoosain (Johannesburg, ZA)
        Ease of Use

        Explains clearly and uses illustrations makes it so much easy